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Judy would love to speak at your language event

and also welcomes various media opportunities.

Based on her life journey of language learning, teaching and exploring,

she will be happy to share her experience as a Korean polyglot. 


Some of her past presentations include:


  • Busan Foundation for International Cooperation 

     "Working at an International Organization" (2019)

  •  Polyglot Gathering - Lightning Talk

"Perfect Pitch and Language Learning" (2020)


"The Linguistic Divide of the Two Koreas" (2020)


"International Humanitarian Organizations and Languages" (2021)

"Language Crash Course: Korean" (2021)


"Korean Language TV Club" (2021)

" Interpretação jurídica - como e por quê?" (2021)

"Korean 101" (2022)

Media Appearances

"Uma coreana que atingiu o nível B2 em Português" (interview in Portuguese)

"North Korea Part 3" (interview in English)

Some of the  topics of my presentations include

Colors in English

How to learn languages the polyglot way

She can share her language learning method, especially on how to tackle a language that does not belong to the same language tree as one's native language. From syntax, vocabulary, comprehension to production, she can offer insights into how she approaches each pillar of a language.   

Talking on phones

Becoming a Pronunciation Master

"You're from here, right?" 


Do you want to impress people and make them think you're from here?


Judy has greatly benefitted from her musical talent, but conquering pronunciation is not just limited to the musically talented! She has accumulated her pronunciation tips and now wants to share them with language learners. 

By the Shrine

Korea and the Korean Language 


South Korea, North Korea?

K-pop? BTS?

Korea, with its 5000 years of history, boasts its rich culture and heritage. While K-pop has contributed to the overall awareness and recognition of Korea as a country, many facets of Korea are yet to be discovered. She can talk about Korean culture, the Korean language, history and much more! She will be your Korean ambassador.


International Humanitarian Organizations & Languages

Using her language skills, she has worked with various international and domestic humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Switzerland Geneva, NGOs and the administrative court in South Korea. 


She would love to share how she has used her language skills to make a difference in the humanitarian field.


Also, she can motivate language learners by explaining why becoming multilingual is crucial in professional settings.


September, 2019 at Busan Foundation for International Cooperation

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